Monday, March 29, 2010

Consequences and Repercussions

We've found five looters in the compound since yesterday, with signs that we have missed many more. I don't know how many of them are out there, but we've had to put sentries out all over the place.

Jess and I are keeping tabs on the area around our house, since it is the most obvious target. We have folks posted in houses all around, trying to keep track of them, and stop them if we can. Apparently the rest of them have gotten desperate now that we have taken such drastic actions against them. So far it looks like they are trying to gauge our strength, map out our locations, basically gather data on us. We're doing all we can to obscure the facts, but it's draining.

It's good that we rescued the folks from the hotel, and not just because of the deed itself, but because many of them have been able get in touch with friends and family. We have more folks coming, and while we are eager to bolster our numbers, I do have my doubts about allowing many more people here that I don't know. So far all the folks we have brought in have shown us nothing but good intentions, but I just don't know how many we can take in before we get bad seeds.

Having to kill an intruder bent on rape and murder is something that almost everyone can agree with doing, even though they don't like it. But having to kill a person who has worked beside you, defended your land and family, because circumstances hadn't yet allowed their flaws to come to the fore is another matter entirely. You never know if a person will snap until the moment comes. It worries me.

But there is a silver lining. A small one, but something that makes me smile nonetheless.

While we were freeing the captives, Patrick let one woman out, and had to kill one of the few looters left in the hotel, to protect her. She has taken to following him around, spending all the time with him she can manage. He's a little dense when it comes to knowing that women fancy him, so it's adorable to watch. She's with him now, keeping watch.

After his divorce last year, and all that has happened to the world in the last month, he needs some sunshine. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that someone else outside of our group of friends can see what a great guy he is.

Jess is yelling for me. Zombies coming in from the south, through the woods. I hate having to navigate through trees while fighting. It takes too much effort to stay safe and not bash my face on tree branches.

Off to it, the wife is getting anxious.

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