Saturday, March 27, 2010


There is a place just off the interstate toward Louisville that used to run a huge flea market every weekend. Mostly family run things, but with the occasional wholesaler running a local shop out of there on the cheap.

It was untouched. The whole damn thing. 

You could probably have guessed that here in Kentucky, places like it are full of vendors that sell everything from hunting knives to police batons, furniture to building supplies. We were interested in all of it, but the immediate need for us was a specific vendor that I had hoped hadn't been able to pull out in time. He found out a long time ago that there is a serious martial arts presence here, and he capitalized on it. 

Clearly, he wasn't able to make it. We found everything we need. Single and double knit Judo gi, tons of belts (handy for a lot of reasons), several dozen sharpened Iaito of decent quality, five high quality Iaito, a huge number and variety of other weapons, and best of all....Kendo armor. Full chest armor, face baskets, and arm protectors. I grabbed a bunch of hakama as well, for the extra layer of protection over the pants. 

We're hoping to find somewhere that has some real armor, riot gear, kevlar vests, and if we can hit the national guard depot, maybe some flak jackets. But that's in the future. Right now it's vital to our plans that we all be biteproof above any other consideration. 

Elizabeth and I watched them for a long time, and we are almost certain that we know their routine. A few of you have expressed your concern that I am sharing too much of our activity, enough to give us away should one of the looters check out this blog. I'm not worried. None of the ones we've seen even have cell phones, and the hotel doesn't have any power. But even if they do...I don't think that any of them will be able to see where we're watching them from, because we do move around.

But to be safe, I won't be telling you what our plans are, or when we're going to enact them. I am pretty sure that the looters outnumber us by a large we're going to be doing something unexpected. 

Everything else going on in the compound has taken a break. Yep, that's the name we decided on. We all talked about it, and it fits. Our neighborhood is getting to be a compound now, it's so closed off and fortified. All we need is people to fill it out. 

Our group is still just called the group, I guess. It would be cool to call ourselves something like "the wolverines" from Red Dawn, but that might be taking it a little too far. 

Elizabeth has moved in our house, as Little David has moved out into a place on the other side of the block with Darlene. I saw that coming a mile away. 

We're tense, and excited. Tonight is going to be a game-changer, any way it goes. Wish us luck.

We will take all we can get. 

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