Monday, March 8, 2010

A good defense

It was pretty much a worst case scenario. 

Less than an hour after my last post, they started appearing at the bottom of the neighborhood, in ones and twos at first. I don't know how many people in south Frankfort have died, but enough of them became infected that we are seeing them here. I can't explain how it spread so fast, unless they were here before Joe contacted me. 

The first few zombies walked through the subdivision basically unnoticed for a while. Kids were outside playing, but not down at the base of the hill. By the time they were noticed, it was too late. Many more had come, and those folks that were unaware if their nature were killed, and joined them. 

We have had a fairly easy time of it, all things considered. Patrick stayed with my mom, and went above and beyond, staying on her deck behind the gates we built to keep watch. He tells me that it was cake, that all he had to do was keep his eyes open. Mom tells me that he kept her safe by taking out more than a dozen of them with a crowbar. 

The wife and I had a few episodes, but for the most part our neighbors have done the work for us. Our road is littered with the bodies of zombies, most shot before they could get near front doors. A few of the folks that live on our road have tried to come by and ask us to stay in our house, which is the only secure one around...we accepted their shouted apologies for looking at us funny as we turned our home into something out of a mad max movie, but we did not let anyone in. I know I have said to be conscious of the needs of those around you, but they clearly know what needs to be done, and have the will to do it. Plus, No room for all of them.

The guy next door to us took his family and ran. If he stays gone long enough, I think we're going to annex his yard, and maybe his house. His yard isn't fenced in, though, so that could be a problem. 

Jess displayed a shocking efficiency in taking down the undead. She took a piece of rebar that we cut down and reinforced and was busting heads in our driveway after all the other people on the street had retreated inside or fled for safer ground. I was with her, though I used my pistol first and my hatchet as a last resort. Jess hates guns, and I despair of ever getting her to use one. 

I am surprised at how quickly she was willing to go out and defend the house. I guess it must have set something off inside her, to see them so close to out home. Today definitely showed us that the front of the house is our weak area, so we're going to have to block it off somehow. 

We left our Norwegian Elkhound, Bigby, out on the the front deck. He barks whenever one of them gets within a hundred feet, so at least we have warning. This is the first real break we have had in the last twelve hours. Hoping it will last long enough for me to get some sleep, Jess is napping now.

My eyes are getting heavy, might have to go wake her to take a turn at watch. 

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