Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good news

Every really bad day has to have some sort of good news in it, I think. I got mine.

I was feeling so frustrated at my mom, because after all of that, she still refuses to come over here. I mean, its not as though she lives far away; I can walk to her house in two minutes or so. But that two minutes is hugely different now, and she's my mom. I worry for her.

So there I was, sitting out on the roof with my compound bow, thinking that one more negative moment in my day would drive me over the edge, when my phone rings. This got the attention of one of the stragglers ambling past my house, and I had to put an arrow through his eye. (After I put one through his thigh, belly, and, unfortunately, his crotch. Aiming from a roof is hard.)

It was a friend I hadn't talked to in a while, even before the dead started to walk around. David and I were really good friends at one point, but recently have not had the time to hang out. I worried about him, and above the general buzz of concern that fills the back of my mind all the time now, and hearing from him picked me up. He told me that his family is with him in a big van, five of them, and they are trying to make it to us.

This is great, but also potentially bad. He said that they have a bunch of food, but we don't have room for that many people. Maybe his parents can stay at mom's, and the rest here. It's something we'll all have to discuss. But hey, more people means more security, and I am all about that. So i guess you can call me cheered up a notch.

Maybe some of them will nap on the way. It would be nice to sleep next to my wife for at least a couple hours.

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