Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hard lessons

Today is gonna have to be fast. Patrick spent an hour alone with the looter we caught. I didn't ask him about it, and he didn't volunteer anything. But now we know where the group of them are.

We intend to hit them today. It is clear that they will keep coming after us, and we simply can't let that happen. We have a plan, and a timeline, and hopefully the will to do this. 

The world is a different place now. If we want to live, the burden of survival isn't on laws or the government. It's on us. And to live, to safeguard the lives of my family and friends, I will go to whatever lengths I have to. 

In five hours, we go. Today is a busy day. If I an alive tomorrow, then you will hear from me. 

If not, it is my hope that one of the group will carry on. Wish me luck. 

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