Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Adds Up

A quick update--we are all ok, I think. Little David is still AWOL, but we think he is checking the streets to make sure we got them all. Nobody is dead, but we have a HUGE pile of zombies to burn. About forty of them. 

Jess started picking them off as soon as she saw the rest of us come outside. It wasn't especially difficult since most of us have rifles (not that I can use one at the moment), so we mowed a lot of them down from a distance. The last ten or so we had to get at close range, but between all of us, it was fairly easy. 

Now we're just waiting to see if the gunshots will bring more of them. Hated to risk it, but this herd pushed their way through a few cars to get to us. Not a quick group, but a damned determined one. They piled up into a space between two cars and just kept on pushing. One zombie, then two. Two became four, and so on. Once Little David gets back, we will form a group to go fix those cars. Maybe some chain to keep them still....

Elizabeth called. ETA Five or so this afternoon. 

Let the awkward looks commence. 

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