Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It thickens

Woke up at three this morning to a text from my friend Patrick, telling me to turn on the news. Wish I hadn't.

Cincinnati has gotten worse, and now word is spreading that outbreaks of similar violence are cropping up in the suburbs surrounding it. news crews have stopped trying to get in, because so many of them have been attacked and gone missing.

Now I'm pretty sure there is something to be worried about. The military hasn't been called in that I am aware of, but it's only a matter of time. Jess texted me from work to tell me that people there are acting like nothing is wrong, but I am pretty sure she is starting to get worried too.

My mom wasn't so responsive yesterday. Hoping that I can convince her to take some precautions in case whatever this is spreads here. Funny, I always thought I would be some heroic zombie killing machine if this ever happened, and now all I can do is try to prepare, and worry like hell for the people I love.

The wife will be home soon, and then we'll be taking a trip to the local home improvement warehouse. God bless the man who invented them. It's like a zombie protection outlet in there.

More to come later today.

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