Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just a short update while I have time--things are about to get seriously out of hand.

Joe called me to let me know he was ok. His text freaked us all out. But south Frankfort is infected, and badly. Apparently a bunch of people were out in the nice weather grilling out when some poor bastard from Lexington crashed his car into the ones parked in front of their house. Joe wasn't sure what went down, but the result was that several people were bitten, because the driver didn't survive the crash. Now there is a hoard of forty or fifty of them on Shelby street, and the local cops are crowding the area. 

The worst part is, some folks down there must have called around, because several folks on my street have left to go down and check it out. Idiots. 

The results should be clear enough to predict. Very shortly, we are going to be neck deep in it. Looks like we are in for a long, long night. 

I gave up on praying a long time ago. But if anyone out there has one for us, feel free. Every little bit helps. 

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