Thursday, March 4, 2010

The List

This will vary depending on what your plans are, but here is a basic list of what everyone should have. Mine is much larger, since we are staying at home, but the basic list is what you should have as a minimum, regardless whether you are staying put or travelling. It goes:

FOOD: a variety of calorie rich nutrition bars, water purification tablets, a container with a grain based food mixed with proteins, such as granola. A densely packed container of dried meat, such as jerky, some waxed cheese wheels (pocket sized), and add in anything you have room for that fits in a small area (NO CANS!) Make good use of plastic sandwich bags, but make sure to purge the air from them to increase the time that your food will stay fresh.

CLOTHING: For the sake of storage and utility, keep it simple. Three pairs heavy socks, one pair light socks, Two pairs cargo pants (military issue would be best, very durable, and some of them zip off into shorts...) One pair shorts, Two long sleeve thermal shirts, one short sleeve shirt, one heavy coat (removable liner best for medium weather), one pair all-terrain shoes (suggest new balance), one pair waterproof steel toed boots, One enormous backpack, One wide brimmed hat, one pair sunglasses, one pair leather gloves, two pairs underwear, one towel, one washcloth, one waterbag/waterskin (gets smaller as it empties, unlike a jug or canteen)

SHELTER: Best to find a small, thin tent that sets up and packs up easily. Three thin fleece blankets, one subzero rated sleeping bag, one dowel rod or collapsible pole, at least four feet long (in case you have to make a shelter if you lose your tent...)

WEAPONS/TOOLS: One small hatchet (folding if you can find one, single forged if not, AVOID wooden handles, it is a lost hatchet head waiting to happen.) One crowbar, sized appropriately for your frame and strength, two heavy knives (non-folding), one mutli-tool, one set of fishhooks, one roll of fishing line (heavy test), one rifle (for hunting/long range shooting), plenty of ammo.

MISC: one roll toilet paper, one pouch with toiletries, one 10X10 tarp (with edge grommets), one 50ft length nylon rope (thin), One 50ft length nylon rope (thick, can hold your weight x2), one piece of steel, one striker, one waterproof can of char cloth, one small magnifying glass, one pair binoculars, one belt (because if you carry all of this while walking, you will need it.)

That's pretty much it, guys. For a more comprehensive listing of what you may need for your home, please keep reading. I will probably be going into disgusting detail on our...home improvements, which I have to get back to. Be safe.

Maybe add a wagon to haul this stuff in...


  1. I don't see any advantage to moving around, when you could fortify yourself. Sure, you can potential run into siege problems at some point, but where's the advantage in not knowing if you're going to have a solid place to bed down for the night?

  2. suggestion, screw short sleeve and shorts. this may sound bad, but instead, go for light long sleeve shirt and light trousers to prevent sunburn, we don't want skin cancer.