Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Yeah, shit just got weird.

I ran up to the store, and I was in the car listening to the news. Turns out that mob of people in Ohio have started a riot, or that's what they are calling it. The city called in all off duty officers to deal with it, but the news report said that the crowd keeps on growing. Whatever is going on, I want Jess and I to be safe and ready for anything. I just blew about three hundred bucks on canned food, staples like salt, flour, and sugar, that sort of thing. I think early tomorrow we're going to make a trip to the the hardware store and get some things to try and make the house a bit more secure.

I can tell you, the dogs are getting chained up outside tonight.

Glad I took out that new credit card, because if this isn't just my ridiculous imagination getting the better of me, I think we're going to need every penny to shore up the house. I have to get some sleep, I got off work at seven this morning and I usually go to bed like four hours ago. But I have to talk to mom, she lives right around the corner. She's got to have heard about this, she's a news freak. I hope she listens to me. It would be a first.

Suddenly, I am very glad for my collection of swords, knives, and various other pointy things. Hopefully this is all just me being dramatic, but boy scouts taught me well. I'd rather be embarrassed than dead.

Anyone know any good gun shops here in town?

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  1. this, and yes I know I am writing this years after its creation, already has me on the edge of my seat, well... bed actually.