Friday, March 12, 2010

Patching up

Just a short update here.

While we were waiting for David and his family (who are staying over at mom's at present), we managed to take  some time to assess the damage to our house. When you have several hundred zombies pressing in around your property, banging on windows and whatnot, you get scared.

As I said before, we stayed in the safe areas during the whole thing. But, of course, adding the steel sheet metal over the windows had an unexpected effect: zombies are attracted to reflective, shiny things. The good news here is that they barely dented it, because we made the window coverings thick. The bad news is that when large groups pass by, we are going to become a giant drum as they hit our house.

It should be explained here that one of my previous posts dealt with that scenario, and my mother pointed out to me that I did not go back over and explain it in greater detail. Now that I have the time, you have your explanation. The truth of it is, this isn't some plotted-out adventure story. It's my life. And life is  confusing, stuttered, chaotic, and sometimes the details come later.

And to be honest, I was kind of embarrassed. I mean, who wants to let his readers know that he was nearly pissing himself because a couple ghouls were breaking bones on solid metal? Basically, I was jumping at shadows, and I didn't want to admit, then, just how weak and helpless I really felt. Because, of course, it turned out to be no threat at all. Anticlimactic. That's life.

Anyhoo, back to your irregularly scheduled blog in a few hours. Just wanted to clarify.

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