Friday, March 12, 2010

Routine matters

Things are starting to settle into a pattern around here. We're still getting waves of zombies here and there, and it's looking like that is going to be the way of things for the near future at least. As soon as they run out of food, or into a large enough group of different zombies, they sort of pinball around in a random direction. Here in Kentucky, where the hills and forests prevent a lot of movement, that direction seems to be the way they came from as often as not.

David's parents and brothers are staying with mom, which is a great load off my shoulders. She has a lot of room but not much in the way of food, so it's a good match. David himself is staying with us, along with Patrick. With four of us here, we can mount hunting trips and keep a guard, all without leaving the house empty.

Jess and I are going out hunting today. Funny that I am the one to show her the necessity of killing animals to survive, when I myself have a hard time with the idea. But I am her husband and her best friend, and I have been there for her through all the bad times. I know her and how she works, and no one else on earth has any better chance to get her to do this. And she will have to, for us to survive.

So far, no more contact with friends, but David showing up here gives me some hope that we will hear from more survivors eventually.

I am worried about some survivors, though. Patrick tells me that he saw some looters at the bottom of the subdivision, and that they looked like a pretty rough bunch.

Ah, Jess is ready to go. She looks adorable in a camo hat.

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