Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scary news

My wife gives me a lot of crap for being such a freak for zombie movies, zombie comics, zombie t-shirts, and pretty much anything with a bloodthirsty, shambling corpse on it. Today is not a lot different, really, except that now she's rolling her eyes at me as a write this because of something I saw on TV today.
I only write about it here because I always told myself that I of all people would see the zombie apocalypse coming, it's something that my friends and I have joked about for years. So imagine how i felt when flipping through the channels today, and saw a news report about some strange violence in Cincinnati. Not that violence in Cinci is anything out of the ordinary, in fact a guy from here in Frankfort was shot there a few days ago. But man, the type of violence is what sent shivers up my spine. I'm a zombie nerd. When I hear crazy shit about a bunch of people going around biting people, maybe trying to eat them, I get the willies.
So here I am, telling myself that I'm just being stupid, that there is no such thing as zombies, walking dead, what have you. Which is how people always react in the movies.
My wife is reading this over my shoulder and laughing at me. I want to laugh a little too.

But all I can do is think that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go to the store and grab a few things.

Just in case.


  1. Yeah bro, let's hear it! what else what else what else?! I'm glad your doing this.


  2. I'm not glad I'm doing this! There might be zombies in Ohio, like two hours away. I'm scared shitless. But hey, keep on reading, i might just finally be losing the last shred of my sanity...we can hope, right?

  3. I too am a zombie fanatic, my friend JLo and I always discuss the possibility of zombie apocalypse. He is reading World War Z and I have read the book, Zombie Survival Guide. My wife also laughs at my scenarios and heavy discussions on this topic. I am prepared for various disasters, specifically earhtquakes because I live in California. However, part of my disaster kit contains provisions for a zombie attack. I've got guns and ammo and machetes to keep my family safe from these flesh-eating bastards.