Monday, March 15, 2010

Security Measures

It was pointed out to me that since I have some free time just laying around, I could get into more detail about our supply situation, what materials we have and are planning to have, and what modifications we have done to the house, with the added request that I show pictures.

The majority of that is no problem, but I have to explain why I will not be showing any pictures of My house from the street, or in any way that would identify it by sight. You see, while we want to encourage some people to come here and have a safe haven, to hopefully build a community, there are those out there with much more dangerous intentions. I've already given our approximate location, and I have no intention of advertising to looters, rapists, and murderers.

That being said, we will be adding some pictures soon. Jess and I are still looking for our camera, which we misplaced yesterday. We are planning on some video logs as well, though I don't know when we will be able to get them out. Hopefully in the next few days, I will let you know when we get them up.

As for supplies...a partial list in a previous post, can be found here, but for those of you who missed some of that, here is a list of a lot of the things we have stocked up on:

Bulk flour (and plastic containers to store it in), 30 large containers of salt (and grabbing all we can when we find them), 20 large bags of rice, 10 large bags sugar, 20 large bags of dry beans (various), 2 large containers of pepper, various spices, hundreds of cans of vegetables, and a lot of dry pastas. For an idea what you should look at in food stocks, click here for the article in the zombie survival wiki. It adds the idea of oxygen absorbers and vacuum canisters. We grabbed a lot of canned stuff, which is typically against my inclination, but since most of it is high-calorie, which we need, we eat it first.

(Note: I have included a lot of tools in here, because it seems wise to me to multi-task as much as possible. Thanks, Alton Brown.) 12 crowbars, four each of the three lengths available at my local store, 6 drywall hammers (various weights), 2 pickaxes, 10 hatchets (4 wood haft, 6 single-forged), 3 wood axes, 3 brush cutters (the single edge ones that look like miniature hooked spears), 3 bows (2 compound, 1 wooden), lots of arrows and dowels to make more, several rifles, shotguns, handguns, knives, and a closet full of ammo.

Construction materials:
A dozen large rolls of ten foot chain link fencing (so far), a hundred long fence posts, four large pallets of 3/4 inch plywood, ten large jugs of nails (various dimensions), about a hundred 2x10 boards, 3 pallets 2x4 boards, many large coils raw wire, assorted boards for home construction (footers, etc), a variety of latches, locks, bars of steel, steel plate, tools to work them, and errata that are too numerous to remember, much less list.

(not a complete list, because all the things we have are jammed in and stacked up, bought or taken by all of us at different times) bulk box fishing line, 4 fishing poles, lots of clothes of various types, water purification tablets, two generators, large plastic containers of all sizes (including water tanks for farms, two for water, one for gasoline), a bunch of extra shoes and boots, dozens of bars of soap, liquid soap, matches, steel and flint, duck tape, extra needles, thread, bolts of fabric, lye, funnels (because funnels rock), various lengths and diameters of rope, various types of chain, bags of goose feather, Lots of how-to books, smell maskers.

4 shovels, 2 spades, seed spreader, tiller, post hole digger, gloves...and time.

Tomato, potatoes, cucumber, various melons, wheat, various greens, corn, soy beans, bamboo (i will have a whole article on this one later), onion, beets, various peppers, carrots, peas, various beans, peanuts, cotton, various berry plants, including blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, mustard, radish.

This is not a complete list, and likely, I will never be able to produce one. I will be going over some of our future projects in great detail later on, and some more comprehensive lists may be included. The hard truth is that I sit on my couch as I write this, pretty much the only free space in my living room. We have some outside storage, but our mad dash to prepare has greatly overloaded our home, and there is no digging through the random piles of supplies to satisfy my curiosity.

You may note a total lack of any medical supplies. That is because my next post is going to be all about that. With links, I hope.

Keep safe.

PS--how do you guys feel about the lists? Are there any specific ones you want to see, or do you hate them with a fiery passion. Let me know in comments. Also, if any of you have specific questions on how to do something, the best way to do it, what you need, or where to find a way to do it, ask it. I will do what I can.

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