Thursday, March 25, 2010

Social Evolution

Not to be too dramatic, but we got something like a ransom note. It was left taped to a car left in the middle of the road at the only remaining entrance to the neighborhood. Several zombies lay around the car, and one of them had the broken shaft of an arrow sticking out of its head. The contents of the note were simple--only telling us that David was captive, and if we wanted him back, we had to meet them at a certain hour, in a certain place. 

So, this afternoon we will be meeting some folks in the same store I got shot in. I'm hoping for good results. 

It's odd how the most extreme circumstances don't really faze any of us now. David being kidnapped is awful, but compared to how I would have viewed the news a little over a month ago, it doesn't seem at all outlandish. Other things are happening too, other discussions coming out that make me wonder just how different the world will have to be when it starts being rebuilt. 

For example...

Jess and I have been married for almost a year, and have not take precautions to prevent pregnancy. As she is iffy about kids, the fact that she hasn't conceived yet hasn't been a problem. But now, she is starting to realize the true necessity of having children, propagating the species for not only its continued survival, but our own. Because, of course, we will get old eventually (hopefully...), and will need the security of a younger generation to stay alive.

To that end, my darling wife, never one to be jealous or to really even understand the concept, wants me to have sex with Elizabeth. To impregnate her, specifically, but she made sure to emphasize that it's ok for me to enjoy it. Apparently she and Elizabeth have been talking about this as they work together. Like I'm just some piece of meat to be haggled about. I realize that most guys would really be enjoying this, but the reality is disconcerting. I haven't given a response, mainly because there are more men than women around here, and as a married guy, I haven't missed out on any, uh...private time. 

I have talked to Pat about it, and he doesn't think anyone will have a problem, and made the point that if we were discreet, no one would have to find out. But I still feel strange about it. I mean, I am truly in love with my wife, and while I don't have most of the idiotic social constraints about sex that most folks in our society once suffered from, I do feel strange about being farmed out to make kids. 

Jeez, I am so done talking about this for now. Somehow, I find the possibility of a life and death struggle for the survival of one of my best friends preferable to this mess. 

More to come later today. I hope. 

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  1. Oh, man, don't do it. You know it always complicates things more than you think it will. Don't forget Sarah and Abraham. Don't forget Rachel, Jacob, and Leah.

    Well you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. And I don't blame you for venting about it here! But I'm just saying... it's never as simple as it seems like it's going to be....