Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Space Between

Another short update, since I have time. We are experiencing a forced break in the hostilities, because a huge swarm of zombies came at the looters over the hill, from the direction of the national guard armory. We took the extra minute that we had before the zombies came for us to pick off a few looters while they were distracted.

It has worked out well enough for us that now I wish I had gone out and brought some of them myself. I guess this group was attracted to all the gunfire, maybe stuck behind a fence, and beat it down when the smell of all the people gathered hit them. However it happened, we are lucky.

We have had casualties, sadly. So far four women that came to us from the hotel have been killed, two of the friends that Elizabeth brought, and David's stepmother has fallen as well. She was bringing food down from mom's, so that none of us had to stop to make anything. She was a good woman, a brave woman, as all of them were, and they will all be remembered with pride.

I am amazed that it took so long for any of us to die. I have to assume that the looters are trying to do minimal damage to the compound, so they can take it over should they manage to kill enough of us to make that possible. But our preparations and traps, along with the wall-o-cars, is slowing them down so much that cutting them to pieces is pretty easy. They seem to want to fight, like this is some schoolyard tussle. We only aim to kill, as quickly and efficiently as possible, to save our skins.

Such has always been the difference between conquerors and those they wish to conquer.

The zombies are starting to thin out. It won't be long before they start back on us, though now, at least, it seems their numbers are starting to get a little closer to ours. At a guess, I would say we've killed fifty of them. Too many dying for no reason, in this world where every chromosome counts.

Still no news on the girls. Courtney, Elizabeth, and Darlene have been gone for a long time. I hope they are alright.

It's looking like it will be a busy afternoon, and a long night to follow. Again, wish us luck.

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