Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stocking up for the long haul

I am avoiding the TV as much as possible. I know that's childish, but I really don't need the constant stream of bad news to tell me what I already know. I was hoping to be wrong, but now there is zero doubt. It sounds crazy, hell, it sounds impossible, but there are zombies coming this way.

Not that the media is saying that. They are calling it a virus, a plague, a hundred different things that all have the same symptom: People are being attacked, dying far too quickly, and getting up afterwards. So yeah, we stocked up.

We maxed out the credit cards buying various things to reinforce out house. A load of 3/4 inch plywood is being delivered this afternoon. A big load. With it is an entire pallet of 2x4's. We already bought a lot of nails, some rebar, some 5/16 strips of steel plate, thirty feet of aluminum duct, a small outdoor wood burning stove, a trunk full of hand tools, several rolls of insulation, and a few crowbars. That's not even half the list just from Lowe's.

Also went back to the old super-center to get some more supplies, and we'll be back for less vital things tomorrow. Today was all about survival...we got a bunch of water purification tablets, cold weather clothing (the crazy warm stuff in sporting goods), fishing poles, hooks, coolers, a bunch of get the idea. There is a place in Versailles that sells all kinds of solar powered stuff, green gadgets, wind turbines, and crank generators. I think we'll be stopping there soon as well.

Water will eventually be an issue, but we have an idea, more about it later. I am going to keep updating when I can, and save these to upload when I can'. I hope that this all blows over, but it isn't looking good.

No one in Kentucky is infected yet. With luck, we will have time to really get ready.


  1. Man, you gotta tell me the whole list. And I mean, do you just know how to do all this reinforcement stuff, or are there any good websites with how to instructions? I'm a little bit farther than you from, I guess, Ground Zero, but I don't want to just wait around and hope something stops these things when I could get ready, too.

    Thanks for telling it like it is, man.

  2. I will try to put together a more comprehensive list tomorrow, if I have time. You have to understand, I have been thinking about this in the abstract for years. I did my research the hard way, bit by bit, but if i can find some good stuff online, I will point you to it.

    Be safe, stay indoors, and get a crowbar. Maybe a hatchet.

  3. Blades don't need reloading.

  4. nor do crowbars, hammers, hatchets, bo staff, baseball bats, chains, etc....the armory is well stocked.