Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stress managenment

It's been a long one. Patrick is here again, I think it is getting to him that he can't convince mom to come here with us. He has been trying, I have been trying, but she won't leave her house.

The zombies have been coning through here with annoying regularity, but we've gotten in a pretty good rhythm about keeping watches. It helps that when the wind is blowing right, they pass us by. That is more helpful than it sounds, because killing one, especially with gunfire, tends to get their attention. But unless we are hit with a huge swarm of them, I think we will be ok.

Pat and I were going to go hunting today, and have Jess go over to mom's house while we were out, but we had a bit of an episode today that stopped that from happening.

Jess was in the back yard, doing some planting, I was on the front side of the roof keeping watch. I heard footsteps but it was hard to tell where they were coming from. As I looked around, I heard Jess shout. I ran over the peak of the roof, and I saw two guys in the neighbor's yard, right up against our fence. Thank god they only had baseball bats and no guns.

The fellas were looking at her like she was a prize, but they got scarce fast when they saw me looking down the barrel of a rifle at them from less than a hundred feet. They ran, but now I'm worried about what happens when they become better armed, and find others that might want to check this place out. I don't want to have to shoot anyone that isn't trying to eat me, but I think that we're pretty well prepared for a firefight if it comes to that. No, my real worry is that someone will set our place on fire...so now I have to worry about fireproofing the exterior of the house. Jesus, it never ends.

I have been trying to find some friends to come stay with us, in case some shit goes down, but aside from Joe, who is taking care of his sisters, I haven't had any contact from anyone in two days.

I really need to get some of our needs and wants prioritized. I guess that will be how I spend the rest of my day.

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