Monday, March 22, 2010

A tough break (and a development)

Well, a lot can happen in a few hours.

I'm going to be out of commission for a few days. I am still able to type, but no heavy lifting for a while. While Pat, Jess and I were out on a supply run, we ran into another group of folks scavenging in the same area. There wasn't any time to talk, I think we scared the hell out of them. There were two women and two men, looking pretty scrawny and beat up. They were so high-strung that one of them put an arrow in my left shoulder before we could do anything but widen our eyes.

We tried to get them to come back as they ran away, but they started running before the arrow even hit my skin. That they didn't stay and try to kill us gives me small hope, but for now I guess we'll have to wait and see. Maybe we'll run into them in the future, in better circumstances.

Mom and Gabby say that the wound isn't too bad. The girl that shot me was using a target point, So no barbs or blades to worry about. We use them as well, for the most part, because of the lower risk of arrow damage when we put one through the skull of a zombie. The bullet shape of the arrow head is great for piercing the brain, all of the force concentrated on a small point.

They aren't too damaging against a person's limbs, by comparison to other arrowheads. This leads me to think that this group of folks might not be in the business of thinking how to kill living people, just zombies. Or, they could have limited access to weapons and ammo, and bad aim. The difference could be fatal, so caution will have to be the word.

The extra run into town was to look for some sleeping bags, maybe some mattresses. Word came in right after my last post that a van full of survivors from northern Kentucky is heading this way. Seven of them, and their best guess is two days to get here, since so much of that area is destroyed. They will be clearing cars off the road and all the junk that comes with it, not to mention avoiding looters and hiding from large herds of zombies.

I only know two of the people coming. One of them is my friend Al, and the other is the girl i lost my virginity to. Her name is Elizabeth, and I am sort of nervous about this. Jessica is not a jealous person at all, but any man would feel weird about an old flame coming to live next door to he and his wife. And in the circumstances we are in, it may get really, really strange.

So without me, the work goes a little slower. I can still do some things, but my nurses are rather strongly suggesting that to avoid risking making the wound worse, I should take some days off...

I admit to some concern over the five people coming that I don't know at all, but I have known Elizabeth and Al since middle school, and I trust their judgement of people enough to take the chance.

Not that I won't be keeping my eyes open for anything and everything until I trust them myself.

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