Friday, March 26, 2010

Waiting Game

They are in a hotel across from us, about a quarter mile away. Elizabeth and I are hunkered down inside a restaurant with tinted windows. Damn place was full of zombies when we got here, and we had to kill them without bullets. Elizabeth sort of freaked out at first, but she calmed down and joined in the fun when she realized I wasn't going to run and leave her, or get myself killed.

This is being sent out from my phone, so I will have to keep it short.

The hotel is being used both as a depot and a base. It's a big place, and these bastards are doing all sorts horrible things. We've seen a few women dragged in, and mountains of supplies. They have to be travelling pretty far out of town to get some of this swag.

Tomorrow, I am going to make a run for some more specialized stuff myself. I almost got bitten, and while we were waiting here, watching for the looters to come outside, Elizabeth and I came up with a good idea for some bite-resistant clothing, and some armor. And we're planning on some basic swordplay classes, so I need to get some good blades for cutting. Katanas (decent ones, anyway, not crappy knock-offs) are perfect for efficiently taking out zombies.

Until tomorrow.

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