Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Pat made it back to us. Thank god that everyone and their mother had an iPhone, because the car he found had a charger in it. We're still in Raven at the moment, but we are sitting in the car, waiting to take off. Jess is driving, Evans and I are in the back seat, and Pat is going to do something really brave and extremely stupid. He's outside the car, dressed in so much clothing and what little armor he could salvage from the SUV that it's unlikely the zombies will be able to bite him.

But he's still out there, running through the crowd trying to thin it out. He's never been the most gifted student of the sword (nor have I, to be honest...) but he is doing a fantastic job right now. I just worry that he will get swarmed and fall, because enough of them could eventually tear through all his stuff. It should be only a few more minutes, and he will have thinned the herd out enough for us to drive through.

Cutting short here, need to be ready.

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