Friday, April 30, 2010


This is patrick, on josh's phone. We are outside of lexington, we have been in an accident. Evans is working on josh, he's hurt but evans doesn't think it's too bad. We have another car, just waiting for evans to get done.

we have to make the drive through lexington, we were detoured by a group of marauders.

keep watch for us, we will be on our way soon.


  1. 30 Miles from you if you need help.
    Have 2 teams, split into 4 vehicles.
    Spare fuel, ammo and food.
    Let us know....

  2. 'Marauders' KIA. Thank us later.
    We were patrolling the East when you went past. Brought the buzzards into our little FOF (Field of Fire) for that we can thank you.
    If you need evac or escort, contact on phone *767 we have cell-towers all around here rigged, one our teams can hook up with you.
    Big drag of 'dead heading this way so we may be busy awhile.
    *Do not* go through Alumni corridor, heavy with the 'dead.
    *Do not* go farther North than New Circle, extremely hostile (living and dead).
    -Man 'O War mostly clear to the South and West. Several southern side roads completely clear.

    Good luck, call if you need help, over.