Saturday, April 3, 2010

A decision

Apparently, every single person that lives here is insane.

Since my last post, things have changed a bit. It all started over what to do with our captives. We all sat around and talked about it, opinions varied from outright execution for crimes against (the remainder of) humanity to adopting and rehabilitating the four guys we caught. The discussion evolved into a debate, which quickly broke down into heated argument. Patrick, Jess, Little David and I were all in the middle on it, deciding to act more as moderators than participants. Someone had to keep level to make sure that every aspect of the dilemma was weighed and measured.

The four of us had to try and head things off before tempers got the better of people. Anyone who has ever met me understands why this is funny; my temper is very bad. But things change, and circumstances often force people to become something to fit a need. In our case, that need was keeping the peace. So we convinced everyone to vote on it, hoping to spark a little of the spirit of democracy. Fat chance! There were so many different viewpoints that no single one got more than a few votes. We were stuck.

I pointed out that infighting and quarreling would serve no purpose except to make hard feelings and divide us. I reminded them that proof of this existed, in the frustrating way that our government used to run. I went on a spiel about all of this, and as they got quiet and stone-faced, I kept on talking, afraid to stop lest they start yelling at me.

When I did finally stop, someone suggested that I become our leader. That I make the decisions for us.

This, they all voted for. Really. Not a single dissenter. I tried to tell them that I didn't want to lead. I have no problem teaching people things, helping them become more efficient at tasks. But to actually be in charge of a community? It's a bit outside my experience. But they shot myriad reasons why they thought I was qualified (most of which I thought proved why I was not so, actually). The one that seemed to grab all of them was that I had been on of the few to see the zombie threat for what it was, at once. That I had been open-minded enough to react when it was needed.

Bullshit! Shenanigans! I AM A COMIC BOOK NERD! The fact that I spent an unhealthy amount of my time thinking out this exact scenario because I was obsessed with zombie movies, and comics, etc, is a perfect example of how completely unqualified I am.

But the people were not to be denied. I tried a different tactic--told them that I would do it, but only if I got to make the rules, ratified by a committee of five people that I would choose. Surely, no one would give that kind of power to someone who thinks superman is the greatest culture hero humanity has ever seen. But, they did. The idiots. I hope you are all reading this, and my words make you want to change your votes.

Mom says this tactic won't work. But then, she's on my committee with Jess, Pat, Little David, and my brother Dave.

Which brings me to some news. Well, more news. A lot of new people are here, including my Brother, his wife, and their three kids. There are more than two dozen others, from all over the area, and one couple from upstate New York. All of them strangers, and all of them readers of this blog. They all made it here days ago, but fortunately my posts served as adequate warning to stay away until and unless we beat the looters. I can't blame them for not coming to our defense. Not their fight. Now, it is.

My brother is the person I would have voted for as our leader, but he tells me that he wouldn't have done it. Because no one here saw him fight for the others, or do what I have done to ensure the safety of us all, blah blah blah. It all started out as me protecting my family, and after that, how could I turn people away. I made them work, made them contribute, made them take risks. Doesn't seem to me like I'm all that great, but I give up. If they want me to tell them what to do, I will do that. I will make the rules, and if they don't like them, they can either leave or vote me out.

Because my purpose is to keep us, our little society, from making many of the mistakes that we made before, second only to keeping us all alive. I will be throwing together a short constitution, a basic charter, sometime in the next few days to the next week. I will be talking with my little council about it, see what we come up with.

All joking aside, I really am honored, and while I think that others are better suited, I will do my absolute best for them, whether they like it or not.

What a brave new world.

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