Friday, April 23, 2010


Another short post today, for two reasons. One is that I am feeling like crap, my head is killing me and I feel like I have the flu. The other is that while I am feeling really shitty, I am still working to cool heads about this whole crime and punishment argument. We are expecting the first new arrivals just after lunch, and we've been scrambling to make space, among the other preparations that come with accepting new people into the compound. A busy day. 

I feel very strongly that I am right about this. I just can't see any other ways to address some extreme behaviors, not any that seem moral to me. And of course, since my sense of right and wrong as well as my morals, are dynamic and now based in this zombie-filled nightmare. My main problem at this point is that no other reasonable options are being presented. 

So while we are getting busy today, let me know what your thoughts are. 

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  1. Please be patient with us, it has only been two months for most of us. The reality hasn't sunk in yet. I understand that one little break down, one tiny mistake could result in a break out in our community, that could result in the death of many or all. But it doesn't sink in all the way. The worst result in any decision I made two months ago was disapointment. Now every decision I make could result in the death of ever one in this compound. I under stand where you are coming from and actually belive you are right, even though it makes me sick to my stomach that I can't come up with anything better. So please give people time to schuck off their pre-concived notions about justice and socity, it's so hard to let go of ideas and principles that you have grown up with and even fought for and over. I tell you what though, since you erected that post I've not been tempted to sleep on guard duty.