Thursday, April 8, 2010

Steve: Ninja, Josh: Target

Ok, a short update here, because we just now got back to safety.

Steve and I got a good look at the walled-in area near the bus garage, and things didn't look too bad at first. We saw folks doing some planting, others working on building what looked like simple sleeping quarters, a few walking a patrol. Not too different from what we do back home.

But these folks are a little trigger-happy. Steve and I had discussed walking up to the gate and trying to start a dialog, but we got shot at when we started to climb down from the tree. I take responsibility for this; Steve was pretty ninja the whole trip. I think he could have gotten in unnoticed if he had wanted to, and I am really glad he didn't try.

We're on our way out of town, and will be headed for Carbondale this afternoon. Dave thinks we should try to gauge how bad the situation is before we get too far in, so that we can camp out somewhere relatively safe if we need to. It's a smart idea, really. I have no urge to get stuck in a hellhole with little to no sleep if I can help it.

As you can see, Courtney posted right before me. It's really hard to read these on an iPhone, but I got the gist. I will try to take off my rose-tinted glasses between rifle rounds and hungry, walking corpses.

Ok, a bit snarky, but her post makes me worry about what's going on at home, when I really should be concentrating on what's going on around me. My fault, not hers. Almost getting one of my best friends killed has put me in a negative mood.

Will update when I can.

Hoping we can somehow contact these people. Trying to figure out how.


  1. This is Treesong. I'm glad I found your blog in time! I'm alive, and though it's been a very difficult decision, I want to come with you to your compound. I'm near campus at Gaia House Interfaith Center, 913 S. Illinois Ave.

    From what I know, there are a surprising number of survivors, but it's been BRUTAL. As Courtney may have told you, she and I also recognized early warning signs and started to fortify their house. But we were cut off from each other when the zombies unexpectedly came from St. Louis. At least that's where we ASSUME they came from given their numbers. Goddess only knows how they got here so quickly! My theory is that a group of the living was fleeing St. Louis on foot and literally RAN here, unintentionally leading zombies to us.

    When you come to Carbondale, BE CAREFUL. Food shortage and exhaustion are getting to me, so I haven't been out in the past week and can't verify all of this. But here's what I hear:

    * Militia: A group of 20+ militia men patrol most of the city. No one knows where their base is. They have a truce with the City, but anyone else on the street is treated as a violent criminal, though they don't immediately open fire. They're disciplined, and they've helped keep the zombie population down, but they've killed the living too, so they make us nervous.

    * Northeast Side: There are two camps, one at the mosque on North Wall, the other at the church on East Jackson. They're within a few blocks of each other and are working on a safe corridor. They're friendlies, but given the situation be careful if you need to approach, especially since racial tensions are high after white supremacists raided the NE side shortly after Carbondale was invaded.

    * Northwest Side: Someone, allegedly the local National Guard, has taken over the National Guard base. Avoid the area. Last I heard, they were shooting anything that moved, although they've negotiated a truce with the City.

    * Civic Center: Brad Cole survived and is still Mayor. He's pretty reasonable, but I'd avoid the Civic Center. They want all armed people to be deputized as police or give up their weapons.

    * WDBX: Have you turned on the radio? WDBX is on the air about 1-2 hours mid-day. They're on North Washington. Thank Goddess we got the backup generator. I think we're the only station still on the air! You can stop there if you need safe haven, they've got several people there 24/7. It's small but safe.

    * Gaia House Interfaith Center: The place was briefly overrun by zombies because of the glass windows. It didn't take long to patch that up though and add some fortifications. It's home to about four dozen of us. But they're considering abandoning it because of:

    * The Towers. No one knows who they are. But I called them Marauders and the name stuck. Someone with a cache of weapons swept into the Towers, recruited a bunch of students, and set up shop. At first, they were just patrolling the area, but then they raided a neighboring camp. They looted it, burned it to the ground, killed the men, took the women. I saw the aftermath in person. Horrific. We can only assume the worst about the women.

    Since Gaia House is close to the Towers, they plan to abandon it and join the City. I was planning on rejoining the WDBX crew, but their generator won't have fuel forever, and I don't like other options, even though some very close friends have accepted them. I'd rather go with you. I miss Courtney terribly and it sounds like you could use a diplomat. And that's still my forte, although unfortunately, I've had to kill zombies to survive.

    I think everyone calls them zombies not because we think they're actually supernatural creatures, but because it makes the horror of hitting someone repeatedly with an axe or a sword or a baseball bat a little more bearable.

    Anyway, please come to Gaia House as soon as possible. Even as I've been writing this, a Marauder patrol has gone by. We fear the worst.

  2. Good luck treesong, we have our backs to the ocean here and we're gonna fight it out. One of ours is in the infirmary from friendly fire but we should be able to hold for now. Best of luck.