Monday, April 26, 2010


We're stuck in Raven at the moment. We managed to get to Doctor Evans, but now we're trapped in the store with him.

We thought we were being terribly clever. We drove through the town, me standing up out of the moonroof to get the attention of all the damn zombies following us. We wanted to draw them away and lose them, load up the doc and his supplies, and get the hell out of town. It was working, until the pothole.

It has been raining, and we didn't realize that the puddle we were driving toward was a massive hole in the road, deep enough to bog down the whole front end. So there we were, a giant swarm of undead behind us about a hundred yards, and the store ahead about the same distance. We booked it, made it through the door, and now the road is packed with them.

Evans is pissed. He's been trapped here for a long time, and from his point of view things are worse than ever. He's also really low on food, and we brought little to eat, enough for a few days at most. For us, this is just another challenge to face. We try to keep it positive-we're alive, unhurt, and still armed.

Ok, Evans is looking at me like I'm an idiot, for tapping away at my phone for so long. I need to help them come up with some kind of plan. We don't have any power here, so I have no way to charge it. Ideally, we will be out of here before it runs out of juice, but if not, I think it will last until tomorrow.

Wish us luck.

Wish I didn't have to end so many posts that way, but luck is all we have sometimes.

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