Sunday, April 25, 2010

Willie Nelson

Because I'm on the road again. Sorry, call me a fool with a deep love of music, especially all the old-school country I used to hear on the radio when I rode in my dad's car as a kid. I'm on the way to a town called, I shit you not, Raven, Ky. Not a whole lot could have pulled me away from the compound when so much is going on, especially when new folks have joined us and with such a raging debate going on. But this particular task I just don't want to risk with anyone else. Call it ego if you will, but my accomplishments speak for themselves, and when it comes to retrieving people, I trust my core group.

Pat is driving, Jess is up front with him. We're in a big SUV, trundling along at a stately twenty miles an hour. Damn zombies are crossing the road all over the place, and every so often we have to do some fancy driving to lose them. We're making this run to bring someone to us, a single person that thankfully, our contacts at Google were able to locate. He's an old army surgeon named Evans (a last name was all he would give us), and he wants to join us. He's been holed up in an old store almost since the beginning, living off the food there. I gather it's some sort of general store, since he tells us that it's all brick, and smack in the middle of town. And the middle of the town is packed tight with bodies. The moving, biting type.

I said before that we needed a doctor. This is still true, especially if we are going to survive long term, build a new society. We need someone to teach us, to give us the ability to do more than first aid, more than wound treatment. Hopefully he can make some of us decent surgeons, effective diagnosticians. He may not be our only chance at this, but he is our first and therefore best shot.

We're going to get in there, get him out, and bring him back with us. To do this, we will have to fight our way through hundreds if not thousands of zombies, get him out safely, and make it home without getting killed. That's a best case scenario, not even thinking about the possibility that there are marauders there, or any number of other possible threats. We'll get him out.

But I have no idea how.

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