Friday, May 28, 2010


I have been removed from power. The people of the compound have voted me out of leadership, and are planning a series of open forums to discuss my replacement, or if I should have one.

They are completely right to do it.

I acted without thought, dragging people in here to be grilled about the night my mother died. I pushed at my friends and neighbors, my fellow survivors, far to quickly and far too hard, without any time to consider. As it turns out, the person that was seen running from the clinic was a patient named Will, trying to warn someone. he passed out in a clump of bushes in the empty field next to the clinic, and was unconscious from his reopened wounds until last night. He re-injured himself nearly to the point of death to try and save lives, and his bravery should be rewarded.

I abused my authority. Not in a nazi sort of way, but in reacting so strongly, with no consideration, I proved to the people who have tried so hard to make this place a home that I am unfit for that sort of power. Maybe when I am older and have more restraint, but for the foreseeable future, I cannot be given that sort of position.

I see it now, and partly because of my own stupidity. You see, I have a college degree in Fire/Rescue, sort of like criminal justice but for firefighters. That degree includes a fair amount of training in the ways to determine arson, locating point of origin, and the like. Instead of using that knowledge, I acted rashly and instinctively. It has been made clear to me by many people that knee-jerk reactions like that are unacceptable in a leader here, and could lead to serious trouble with the numerous zombie attacks we are constantly hit with.

So there it is. I'm glad this happened before I could do real harm. I really look forward to doing something more in tune with my nature, and working with my hands again, if that is what's called for.

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