Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Watched the punishments get carried out today. I saw a man driven naked from his home, from any kind of safety. I saw four people shriek and bleed as the whip ate into them. I won't tell you it made me sick. I won't tell you it made me feel bad.

Because watching, I felt great. I felt totally justified. I felt a white-hot rage that these worthless bags of shit should be allowed to live while a girl lay dead because of them, and that thought pulsed in me with every snap of the leather. I guess I should have more empathy, should feel horrible that it has come to this. I had to anger and disgust a lot of friends to get this, and I call it worth it.

There is another meeting being called today. I was told in confidence that it will be a call for a vote, to see if the people want me to stay in my leadership position or to do something else. I should be there, but I won't. There is nothing I can say or do that will make any difference at this point. People who are against me won't believe anything I say, people who are for me won't need convincing.

So I have decided to use my time doing something more constructive. I am going back out, and I am going to kill some zombies. As many as I can. And set some traps, and lure a ton of the fuckers into them. I am going to do this because I have to do something concretely useful, something measurable and clear, that increases the amount of good in the world, and decreases the bad.

I'll let the voters decide the rest.

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