Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Zombies are hitting us in groups almost daily at this point. The attacks are pretty well focused on the main gate, which is where we are putting in the greatest effort on the wall. Construction is going well, and the northern face is almost done.

In all the madness of the last week, I forgot to relay to all of you that our latest group of survivors finally made it here. If I did mention it, then I promise you that I didn't do any sort of justice to them. These people are great--hardcore survivors with a huge variety of skills and knowledge among them. They didn't need to come here, not for any reason other than companionship, they could have gone anywhere and prospered. But they chose us, and we are glad to have them.

There is going to be a vote next week for a new leader. There is also a discussion going on among the council, who are collectively acting as our leadership at the moment, as to what role I will play. Mom apparently suggested before she died that should I ever step down, Dave and I should be put in charge of long term planning and projects, which makes sense given that we were doing that anyway. I like the idea of getting to come up with realistic and creative solutions to problems without dealing with a ton of red tape. Since we run a minimalist sort of machine here, we pretty much go from planning to action in one step. Mom certainly knew her boys, and the practicality that was hardwired into her has passed on to us, making us ideal for the job.

Courtney has really been keen on the idea of reaching out in a more concrete way to other pockets of survivors. We have talked a lot the last few days about a group of us going on an extended trip around the country, visiting and sharing with other communities that have managed to keep going like we have.

It's an exciting time here, and I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I hope that we can compartmentalize our various governmental needs enough that our next leader doesn't have to carry as heavy a load as I did.

And in a bit of random news, my sister's small school is doing very well. Jackie was trained as a special education teacher, and has an amazing ability to connect with people, especially kids. She has taken the idea that we have to start teaching from scratch and run with it, creating a very unique and interesting curriculum. More on that soon, I want to do it justice. After all, learning and using that knowledge is what separates us from the other animals, isn't it?

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