Monday, May 24, 2010

Counting On Courtney

Just getting going for the day, and I wanted to post something before I get too busy. We are getting ready to work on a major section of the wall, and try to clear some space for our new arrivals at the same time. Work is moving very quickly on the wall, much faster than any of us imagined. Dave thinks that we can be finished inside of a month, possibly three weeks. Of course, that is just putting up the wall itself, not the walkways and firing platforms all the way around.

Finding room for our new folks is a little trickier. We have tried to leave sections empty when possible, tracks of homes where people that know each other can try to stay together, but we are getting a bit full. Dave thinks that unless we are planning on expanding out in the near future, we will have to expand up. He is going to draw up some plans for some multiple story buildings that can house many families. We will move outward, eventually, but we will need a population much greater than what we currently possess in order to do so under the threat of a zombie attack.

Courtney is working on some ideas for finding new people to join us. We have, of course, been contacted by many folks because of this blog, but we have had talks about getting to know potential arrivals before coming here, and trying to establish better communications with other permanent communities. Courtney is taking point on this issue, because she is a fantastic idea person, and when she starts to plan something out, she never misses details.

Courtney is able to look at a situation and immediately grasp the details of it. She is incredibly smart, as you may have gathered from her posts, and she can be acerbic at times. Usually to those who deserve it. She is probably one of the most compassionate human beings I have ever met, and she was one of the people that made sure we knew what the facts were when we were deciding the fates of our criminals a while back.

She is the ideal person to communicate with outsiders. She is calm and logical, but more than able to stand up for herself and others, and to fight when she has to. What makes her great is that she has a great knack for knowing when a fight is necessary and never overestimating the force required. She plans many of our defenses for this very reason.

The toughness of her is so wonderfully contrasted with her heart. More than most people, she wishes that people can peacefully coexist. Not without disagreement, of course, since polite disagreement is the only way that society can grow. But she is a great force for peace and reasonable discussion around here, and that alone has likely saved lives.

She might have to be our full time diplomat.

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  1. I like your profile of Courtney! And the one you did early of Steve. They are both such a boon to this place.