Friday, May 7, 2010

The Crisis of Choice

I am still angry. Angry at god, if he is there, for allowing this plague to destroy our society. At marauders, for being what I hate most in people and proving that sometimes the thin veneer you see is really all there is. At these damn people who caused this pointless death, who set in motion events that killed a child.

You can see the posts below this, lamenting her loss. I did not know her as Courtney and Steve did, and I will not lessen her by claiming that she was close to me. But that does not mean that I do not grieve; I love kids, and I am more protective of them than I am of myself. She was known to me by sight, but my anger is that ANY child should be put so needlessly at risk.

Pragmatically, that is one less person, one less life full of potential, to further our cause here, which is the survival of the tribe. If that sounds cold, I am sorry. There are so many ways that this hurts us, and I would be less than honest not to explain the uncomfortable ones along with the standard fare.

We are already breaking our own guidelines. We have had the perpetrators under lock and key for more than a day already, which we didn't want to do. But this is a complex issue, fueled by a lot of emotion right now. We are all angry, and in the interest of justice, we are taking the time we need to reach a decision that is both fair and appropriate. I pray that we can manage it.

Bread and water for the prisoners, and only the rations that a child of ten would get.

Seems fair to me.

More tomorrow.

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