Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Goings On

We are on a fast break, so this post is only to let you know what is going on at present.

We (the council and I) are in a closed meeting, after talking with many people around the compound. I will not give any details at this time, as we are actively deciding what to do about our offenders.

This is a long and depleting process, and as such I will not be posting anything else today, or adding to this one later. Simply wanted everyone to know the goings on, and that I have not forgotten you. It is my hope that today will set an example for what is and is not acceptable behavior.

I need to get back, and have some lunch while I have time. One way or another, we will see this finished today. Results to you tomorrow.

I leave the blog open to Treesong and Courtney, should they wish to add anything, if they have time today.

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