Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Societies

There are some days when nothing is going on around here. I exclude the background noise of a new community being built, of course; our new equipment rumbles loudly and screams as it cuts recently felled trees into wood we can build with. Hammers ring as men and women work on the wall, somewhere to the north of my house, a small crane is humming away as my brother begins work on a watchtower. 

But today, for once, nothing exciting is happening. I am in my office (the computer room in my house) taking a break from an unusually productive day of planning. An enterprising family has been making daily rounds through town, and they have discovered why the zombie attacks have been so much more frequent, and my brother and I have just finished a meeting, trying to figure out what to do about it. 

Apparently, the zombies around here are starting to hunt. Not just clump together and wander about, but they seem to be actively and intentionally searching areas. This means, of course, that they don't just happen to run into us, they find us...a scary thought, that they seem to be either learning, or at least remembering some human behaviors that help them to be better and more efficient killers. 

The question has been raised, of course, as to whether or not this means anything significant. Does it mean that these animated bodies are becoming the people they once were? Or are they something new? We want to know, and I have long had the urge to closely study them. Now it's more than idle curiosity, and more of a need to know kind of thing. We can't go on shooting them in the head if they start becoming people's grandparents, brothers, and kids again. 

Dave and I have decided on some more defensive techniques, stuff that will be very helpful and relatively easy and fast to implement. Evans, mom, Gabrielle and I are set on catching a few zombies for study. Evans wants to do an autopsy on some as well. 

All told, it's all going well right now. People are coming together on our big projects, especially the wall and the watch tower, and it is my fervent hope that building something that they have shared purpose in will help them also build common ground to work from in their lives, become more tolerant of each other. 

That is, after all, how all great societies have become so. 

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  1. I wish I had this when it initially came out. It would have saved me and my friends some trouble and a lot of death. I'm just now reading through your blog. I'll explain more about myself as I come to finish it.