Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Just Like 'Oregon Trail'

We're about halfway done getting all of the equipment loaded onto trucks, or ready to roll over the open road in our convoy. We have done the old wagon train, circling all these giant metal machines around us so we can camp in relative safety. A few zombies have popped up as we have been working, but no big groups, and nothing we can't handle.

The real trick is only taking what we can take and not getting too greedy. There are a lot of things here that we could certainly use, but we just don't have the gas or the manpower to get them home. It is pretty frustrating to know all of it is here while we will be going home...but, that doesn't mean that we can't return at some point in the future.

One thing we are most certainly taking with us: solar panels. I did not expect to find any here, but apparently the person that owned this place was crazy about being green (or maybe just planned to never pay for electricity again) because all four of the buildings on the property are covered in them. We have two people working like mad to get them down, and get all of the inverters and wiring loose by the time we leave. This is too good a chance to pass up-- this much paneling could at least give lights to the whole compound. If we find  a bank of batteries, we'll be in heaven, but we can make do with scavenged car batteries if need be.

One of the folks unbolting the panels is yelling...sounds like a warning. Must be a herd moving this way.

Time to break out the firearms. I will try to post later today if I can, but if this is a big group then it may be the morning before I have time. We will be leaving in the AM.

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