Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little David, Big Heart

That group called us from northern Indiana. Apparently they encountered some pretty rough terrain, and the recent storms across the midwest washed out a bunch of the roads in central Illinois, so they have had to take some detours. They estimate arrival in two days, more if they come across any caches of supplies along the way. 

Here, things are going well. There was a pretty heated debate last night about individual rights versus group rights, but while the conversation was very spirited, I was very happy to see the people in it keeping civil with each other. There is a larger debate, over the constitution and our bill of rights. As I have said before, we have some pretty rugged individualists among our number, and folks on both sides want to make sure a balance is struck between strong rights for each person and protections for the freedom of groups. I think it is going well. 

As you may have guessed, I want to give you a better picture of Little David. He has been keeping a low profile as of late. I think that his injury has made him a little more aware of his mortality. He spends a lot of time with Darlene, and doesn't volunteer to go on dangerous missions. I can hardly blame him, given what he has lost in such a short time. 

Before the fall he was an average guy, early twenties. He worked with my wife (I used to work there, too, before I got laid off) and he was a good friend. David loves video games, and movies, and comics. He was just your average guy. Loved the St. Louis Cardinals. 

But he was always a stout friend. He stood behind us always, and when the end of the world suddenly pushed its schedule up, he was here. He might not be an amazing builder, or a skilled nurse, but David is a shining example of what the average person can be. When circumstances tested him to his limits, he did not back down. He stood tall, and brave, and fought for the safety of all. 

In the world as it was, people who did things like that were called heroes. They were cops, firefighters, all of the people who chose to make a difference with their lives. But this world is one that leaves no choice. The necessities of fate require heroic acts, if they are within us. And not everyone has it in their nature. 

Little David is one who does.

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