Saturday, May 1, 2010


Thanks to several tips, we were able to get through Lexington without too much trouble. I'm dealing with my injuries, which are not too bad, but will leave impressive scars. Mostly a few big cuts from broken glass. Two broken fingers.

And I think my collarbone is broken. Again. This makes four times.

I'm getting a lot of shit from a lot of people about going off to rescue someone, when I have responsibilities here, blah blah blah. Other folks are giving me shit for risking myself (Mom...). I have told the first group to shove it, mainly because I am unwilling to risk the life of the person in need of saving so we can have a long, drawn out talk about it. If someone needs help and wants to join us, I'll go. It's that simple.

The second group is living under some illusion that we are ever safe. Life is a constant exercise in avoiding various sorts of death now, and if I am going to be at risk, I choose to do it in a way that at least creates the possibility of helping another, not to mention improving the lives of the others here. Yeah, you can argue that I can help others here and all that, but the fact is, not too many people were keen on going out to get Evans. Didn't seem to think risking a team of people was worth the life of one person.


So we're home, and it seems like Evans is pretty satisfied with our homemade clinic. At least, that is the impression I get, since he didn't belittle it. He's kind of a tough guy to read.

It's looking like we're actually going to have to split some of us who are in leadership positions off into full-time administrators. By that I mean that we are facing so many massive logistics issues that just planning and managing all of the projects and resources is taking up a full day's worth of work time. So those of us that have been doing all of this and working shifts on the wall, farming, and all the rest are barely getting three hours of sleep. I really don't think we have other option, if we want to effectively manage our projects and keep our little society running.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Glad to hear you made it. We were pulling for you. You ever come this way again use the number we gave you and we will make sure you have an easier time of it. Don't let the nay-sayers bring you down. What you are doing is important. A good doctor is worth his weight in gold (or ammo) now. Rebuilding society ain't going to be easy. A lot of people are happy now that it is mostly gone. Few of us stand in their way.
    You have also given me an idea to relate what my group is going through also. I will uplink it infrequently as the days go by. At least until the power grid fails that is.
    Shameless Plug but if it helps someone it was worth it.