Monday, May 3, 2010

Night Time Stroll

Something is going on around here. I don't know who is doing it, but I will find out.

This morning, about an hour ago, my dogs started barking. They only do that when someone comes pretty close to the house. I woke up and ran to look out one of the peepholes, but didn't see anyone there. No zombies, no people.

I asked the lookouts if they had seen anything. One of them said he heard someone running, but the cloud cover was so dense that seeing anything was impossible.

But now, we know that it wasn't a zombie, and likely wasn't a marauder. The clouds have broken and there is enough predawn light outside that we can see what happened. Someone has been going around, tagging houses. Writing horrible things on the the doors of a few of the people who are living in polygamous groups, scrawling threats on the doors of some folks who have expressed distaste for endorsing any decisions based on religion, and on my own door, a half finished swastika. Not the manji, mind you, which is the same symbol but used by many cultures to represent many ideas throughout history, and none of them bad, but the actual swastika, circle and all.

Apparently, someone thinks I am a nazi. I can see why this is happening, I knew that not everyone would be on board with some of our decisions. But at no point did I think this sort of childish baiting would happen. Silly me.

I will find you. This is not acceptable.

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  1. LOL a Nazi with a black wife? I'm sorry, I know it's a terrible thing that they're doing -- I just can't help but be struck by the pure idiocy of this jackass.