Friday, May 14, 2010

Pit Stop

We're stopped at the moment at a gas station just outside of Harrodsburg. It was a late start today, a swarm broke through again at the main entrance, and it was a tough time cleaning them up. They didn't act like any zombies I have seen so far. The usual behavior is to group together and mob their prey; these broke up and spread out.

I am surprised and proud to say, our four remaining prisoners were eager to get out and hunt them down. One of them told me that they all felt guilty, wanted to do what they could to make up for their behavior. It's a start, and a good one so far as that goes.

We took off an hour ago, and my brother remembered this little gas station off the beaten path, and they have diesel fuel, a lot of it. We are loading our backup tanks with all we can carry, just in case the town we're headed to is short.

There are twenty five of us, and you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we brought with us. Camping gear, food, weapons...we are prepared for whatever might come while we try to move all the equipment.

We're done loading gas. We'll be on our way shortly. I hope that everything remains well back home.

1 comment:

  1. Too bad I was under the effects of this infection when you made this you were less than 12 miles from us! If you need any help on the way back, give us a shout. John and Jake would be more than happy to help escort.
    I feel to bad to keep jabbering, will talk to you later...