Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prices Paid

This is not going to be a happy post. Many out there are going to read this and wonder if this is a good place to live, and in making that decision, please remember that our actions, are for the best of the community in the long term.

Let me preface by saying a few things that have been heavy on my mind during the last few days, while the horrible recent events and the ensuing meetings have been going on. We live in a world plagued by the undead. There are zombies everywhere, attacking constantly. It would be far simpler for us if that were the worst of the problems we have to deal with, but the truth is as hackneyed as it gets: we are our own worst enemies. People are independent, and those that have managed to survive this far have to be far more so than the average person used to be. This is great for survival, but makes cooperative living difficult.

I welcome debate, argument, and opposing views. But to quote a reader of this blog, narrow minds and attitudes need to be checked at the door. That kind of person will not be able to mesh at all in this place, where we don't try to legislate most behavior.

So, to the hard part. Five people stood accused of relatively minor charges, mostly to do with vandalism and fearmongering, maybe a little terroristic threatening. But add to that resisting arrest, and assaulting officers (if you want to call us that) and things got a little more intense. But as many of you have probably read, this event led to weak points in our defenses, causing the death of a young girl.

We discussed it for a long time, and the debate got very heated. Some people that I have long considered friends probably don't look at me the same way again, because ultimately, this idea was mine, and I managed to get the votes, if barely.

Those five people have been sentenced. The ringleader of their little group, who freely admits to menacing the others into agreeing with him and doing as he asked, has been sentenced to exile. He will be stripped of all possessions, and dropped off outside of Franklin county naked. If he can survive to come back and try to have his vengeance, he is welcome to try. This is actually a compromise on my part--I would have rather him be killed.

The other four, three men and one woman, will each be whipped, for starters. Each one will get five lashes, in full view of the public, and three months hard labor. If any of them refuse this punishment, we will not force it on them. But if they do refuse, they will be exiled as well. With clothes, since they were not the instigators, but no other supplies.

It's harsh, and brutal. It seems unfair, but the only way to stop this sort of behavior is to make sure that everyone knows that anything that puts us and our children at risk cannot and will not be tolerated. Have all the personal views you want, but keep it to words, and do not incite violence.

I want to say something hopeful and moving right now, but all I feel is tired and angry.

God forgive me.

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  1. Just a quick note, as I am too messed up on pain killers right now to do much more. See my report on my Blog-link to find out more.

    Josh, I commend you for having the fortitude to see this through. While the original transgression was light the result was a heavy price to pay, the death of a child. In this world, in this time, the end justifies the means, and the reverse is true. He may not have *meant* for a child to die, but by his actions he *caused* a child to die. Had it been an accident, I am sure things would have been different, but since it was a malicious act that snow-balled, you have done the correct thing. I hope this was not to random and made sense to everyone.