Monday, May 17, 2010

Replication Is Key

We made it home. The fight didn't really pick back up after my post yesterday. We slowly picked off a lot of their numbers, and stayed under cover. It was a slow process, it took a lot of patience, but we got it done. Our attackers fled when they realized they didn't have enough people left to take us by force, and we limped home, bringing our machines with us.

While we were gone, a huge wave of zombies broke into the compound. We were still cleaning up this morning, until about an hour ago. No fatalities, since they came in through the south and had to slow down to maneuver through the woods, giving everyone plenty of time to get to safe locations. The work of gathering all the bodies is still ongoing, and the fire pits are going to need shoveling after this group, but all in all I think things went well.

We are getting attacked more often than usual as of late, and that scares the shit out of me. We have less time to repair our slowly disintegrating wall of cars, and our permanent wall is nowhere close to being even partially done. I don't know if these escalating zombie attacks mean anything, but my stomach hurts a little thinking about the possibilities.

Some of you might have caught it the other day, but today I will confirm: My wife, Jessica, is pregnant. Evans says she is about a month along, and seems to be pretty healthy. I am torn. I have always loved kids and wanted to have some of my own (Jess is neutral on it) but I never really thought that it would happen. I mean, we have been together a long time and have never taken precautions, so I just sort of thought it wasn't going to happen. Now, I am terrified about the life my child will be born into. My innate need to provide safety and security is amped up to nigh-epic levels. I am excited, and scared, and happy, and ten other emotions, and kind of nauseous. Mom tells me this is normal.

Things around the compound are relatively quiet on the social side of things, people aren't mobbing me like they were, though I still get a few. There is a lot of quiet talk going on, and a lot of it stops if I walk by, but that is just fine with me. I have never been one of those people who needs to know how everyone feels about me, or what they think. I do, however, expect them to follow the rules like the rest of us, and to be civil when debating issues. Because my kid is going to be raised in a place where violence is a concept that only comes from outside, and the only response to disagreement of any kind within is words, careful and concise.

Well, I have a huge pile of work to start in on, and half my day is gone. I will be getting back to it, but never fear, I will be back tomorrow.

On a totally random note--I really, really miss yogurt. I loved Yoplait something fierce, and only today, when I got a mad craving for it, did I realize how long it has been since I had it, and that I will never eat it again. Ah well, on to my paperwork.


  1. Hey Josh, it's George. I am going to miss Ketchup. Strange the little things that your mind creeps in on you at weird times. I do concur with the attacks being more frequent than before. Some of us at the Depot are trying scent masking to see if that would help...I'll pass along any data we get, and again Congratulations!

  2. Congrats again on the news, Josh. I know this isn't the best environment to raise a child in, but at least you are surrounded by people who will protect you and Jess and the child when it comes.

  3. And welcome to the blog, George. It's always good to hear from other survivors, especially friendly ones.