Monday, May 3, 2010

More Dialogue, Less Spray Paint, Please

So, there's this whole "hateful graffiti" thing going on... We have GOT to work out a more efficient and calm way of voicing opinions. Maybe some sort of press/publication? Though isn't that sort of what we have going on here? A blog isn't much, but it's SOMETHING, at least. Anybody can make one, for anybody to read. Maybe a message board? Would anonymity help, or hurt? See what I'm doing here, is trying to think of solutions, because whoever did this is probably feeling scared, like they have no voice, or something like that. But their actions are themselves helping to create a culture of fear. Inside the compound, we are supposed to be safe. We are neighbors, friends, and family. We can disagree, and even despise one another at times, but in this crazy B-movie gorefest of a world, we need to have safe havens, where we know we at least aren't going to hurt one another. Whoever you are that did this, if you're feeling sad, or scared, or just frustrated, please understand, we ALL are. I know things aren't perfect here, but we're really trying to make our world the kind of place we want to live in, and that we'll be proud to have our children live in.

Josh keeps saying there's room enough for everyone here, and physically that's true, to a large extent, but what do we gain by making others feel unwelcome, like there's not enough space emotionally? A hostile, tense collection of heavily-armed individuals? We have the seeds planted to grow a thriving community; please bear with us for a while while we tend these seeds.

But, hey, let's get something straight. You have beef with the way things are being run, okay. We can work this out. We HAVE to. It's no big secret that I disagree on some key issues, too. Dissent is an important part of keeping a society honest. But listen, there are ALREADY kids here. Do not for one second think that because we strive for diplomacy and moderation of disputes that we are cool with being trampled upon. Get wise to this, and please think of a more constructive way to voice your dissatisfaction next time. Because words like those are violence, too.

...sigh. This After-School Special has been brought to you by Courtney.

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