Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today is a bad day, for reasons that I lack the time to document in detail. Several things have happened, each making things worse. 

We have discovered who has been responsible for the recent bouts of graffiti and vandalism. 

In apprehending this group of people, five of them in all, we took ten people, which shortened our numbers for other projects. 

While we were in the process of arresting the offenders, they fought us with extreme violence, forcing us to call for additional help, depleting our numbers by another ten. 

It was during this fracas that the lookouts spotted a wave of zombies coming for us. The arrest and ensuing violence distracted many people on duty, and because of that violence, occupied more than ten percent of our population. Since we operate on a three shift schedule, this weakened our position terribly. Normally such a group would pose no threat. We take down several a week. 

The wave broke through, and we estimate the number of zombies to reach the second street back at around thirty. As a group, they broke through a partially constructed fence, and the result is that a girl of ten is dead. Her mother is, understandably, inconsolable. 

I have very hard decisions ahead of me, and I am trying to give my rage time to cool before I make them. 

Right now, I am not inclined to mercy. 


  1. "Right now, I am not inclined to mercy."

    ...and that's why we have a council and not just one dude running the show. Give it some time; rash decisions got us into this mess. We're this point, I'm thinking "traumatized" isn't a strong enough word. God. Oh, this sucks so hard...I can't get this out of my mind.

  2. I'm so sorry I can't take this burden off your hands my friend, I know what its done to you and can imagine what it will do to you. Courtney is right though, you must cool down! Justice no matter how harsh must be delivered with impartiality and with out malice. While I believe that to be impossible here and now, the least we can ask for is a cool head. Just know that what ever you choose I'll back your play brother. With that said I'm going to stand a second watch at the holding house. I'm not going to allow those people to be lynched. If I can't talk people out of it maybe my 10 lb. forge hammer will dissuade them. Wish me luck.