Sunday, May 16, 2010


We're under attack. Halfway home, and we are at a standoff with a bunch of guys that look ex-military, trying to take all of the equipment from us. More when we are safe, but things are looking grim. We have lost two people so far, and we are outgunned and outnumbered. The only thing keeping them away from us is the fact that we have superior cover, and  our sharpshooters can pick them off at will.

It helps that they are having to fight off pockets of zombies drifting through, while we are able to climb up on all of this massive machinery and ignore them for the time being. We are used to dealing with situations like this, and if there is a way out of it, we will find it. Damn the luck that made us leave late today...

I will try to get back on here later. Writing from the floorboard of a semi truck isn't easy.

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  1. Send out Co-ords. We have a few people available, had rough time today also. I think we have our own 'fan' clubs now. Let us know and hope we are not too late to help you in anyway. If nothing else our stockpile of diesel is good at the moment.