Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Standing

Not much time to post right now, so I will hand out the salient points. I am still "Leader" for lack of a better term, but now we have a person who is responsible for being a judge. He decides with the council what crimes deserve what punishment. I am told this is a fair compromise, but I choose to have no opinion on it, since I had no input on that one.

I am still spending my days avoiding this place. Jess and I are gearing up to go out and secure some more big supplies we need for the wall, and to survey some places for logging, as well as trying to find some flatbeds to transport timber on. This is important work, and while I openly admit to shirking my administrative duties, I don't feel bad about it. Because the fact is, I get more of value done going out and killing zombies around areas we need to utilize than I do behind a desk. I still get the important stuff taken care of, but I refuse to let the same people who have been beating me down with demands and criticism take away my personal choice. So I do most of my work when folks get home for the day, when they have less chances to bother me.

I am going to be making these runs out into town to clear out zombies pretty often in the near future, because it is far more important to get the supplies to build the wall than to be micromanaged by nitpicking people who want solutions to every little problem.

Oh, yeah. Just because I could, I made sure last night, after I found out that I am still in charge, to put it down as law that certain social behaviors are, FOR SURE, totally accepted and legal. Like homosexuality, multiple partner relationships of any type, and similar. Yeah, I know that it seems weird to "legalize" homosexuality, but the way our few gay folks have been treated seemed to demand consequences for harassment.

So all of you who don't like the fact that people can freely do things that go against your personal (and narrow, and stupid) beliefs, feel free to leave if you can't live with the idea that people should be free to live their lives without you elbowing your way into it.

I'm sick of hearing it.

We're working on a bill of rights. This is part of it. More to come when I have time.

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