Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tao of Dave

Work on the wall and tower continue well. We got word from another group of people this morning that they are headed our way. They tell us that they are bringing literally tons of grains with them, as well as some supplies that we can use for our water retention systems. They are from quite a ways off--central Iowa--so I don't know when they will be here. Probably between three days and a week. They have fifteen people, so a nice sized bunch but not overlarge.

Dave is working on the tower at the moment. We have two teams cutting down trees all over the compound. As much as I would love to leave this place as green and lovely as it has always been, recent events have taught us the value of a clear line of sight (and fire).

Today, I want to talk about my brother, Dave.

He is a good man, and I'm not just saying that because we're related. Before the fall, he dedicated himself to being the best in his field, and he was. He was the youngest project manager anyone had heard of in the business of building hospitals. In less than a decade, he went from being a drywaller to running jobs worth tens of millions of dollars. Got to respect that.

But he was so dedicated because of his family, for the most part. He is a loving father and husband, and despite his outward show of manly behaviors, he is like putty in the hands of his wife and kids. Dave is one of the smartest people I know, and has an ability to solve problems and think in three dimensions that would have made him a world renowned scientist, an incredibly decorated soldier, or a famous investigator, had he chosen those paths. But Dave is something rare in society today; a man who liked to work with his hands, and possessed of a work ethic that makes robots look lazy as hell. That combination followed its natural course, pushing him up the ladder, giving him the ability to push his limits, coordinating vast numbers of men and resources, in order to create something lasting, that would help people.

He loves beer, guns, sports, and driving fast. A few days after he got here, he went on a search around town and found one of the new Camaros. It's dark blue, and he drives it way more than he needs to.

In a pinch, I can trust that he will make the logical and pragmatic choice. He is a good man with an even temper that enjoys the simple things in life, with a brain that can do complex mathematics while reading good fiction while chugging a beer. He's a contradiction wrapped in beef jerky, and I love him for that.

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