Friday, May 7, 2010


This is a post from Treesong.

These fanatics say that the Zombies have been sent by their God as a punishment for our sins. Is it God's plan for a small child to die too? What did she do to deserve this fate? Was it His will that the mother should hold that small, broken, lifeless body in her arms, sobbing for us to fix her?

Even in all of this madness, I have never beheld anything so horrible in my life. There are no words for watching a child torn to pieces right in front of her mother. It all happened so quickly, and yet it seemed to take a lifetime. I will never forget her cries of sorrow as we said that there was nothing we could do and took the body back out of her arms.

And it was all avoidable. If we hadn't been caught up in internal struggles, this wouldn't have happened.

Luckily, I have enough tattered shreds of my sanity remaining to resist the urge to kill these hate-mongers in their sleep. But I want anyone and everyone who sympathizes with them to remember this day.

We are living in a survival situation here. It's alright if you think some of your fellow survivors are sinful, or misguided, or whatever. We may feel the same way about you, too. It's okay to have different opinions about fundamental theological and political questions. But the minute you start a campaign of hate against your fellow survivors, you doom us all to infighting, and a drain of resources from our survival needs, and ultimately death. And that is unacceptable.


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  2. Wow.
    I have not been near the uplink to check the outside world for the last few days. I grieve for the child and weep for the mother. I am sorry to hear about the infighting happening. As anyone knows I am not a great thinker or philosopher, so I will not have any words of wisdom for this. Your group has come to a cross roads. It's okay to disagree with 'the plan' of how to survive, but as Treesong said, unacceptable for your actions(or inaction)to allow another one to come to harm. Especially a child who is really defenseless in this 'New World' we live in. My group has had to deal with this recently and it is not easy on anyone. We all have ideals that we bring with us when we group together to keep alive.
    However, intolerance should be left at the door, not to darken our doorways. If we cannot have a 'Live and let Live' attitude among the people we depend on everyday, we are all going to dead and soon.
    I know I am a study in opposites; if a human is trying to kill myself or a loved one, I will terminate their life without hesitation, as they have stepped over the line and in my mind are now no better than the Dead walking around out there.

    But I digress, the needless death of a child angers me like nothing else.
    The cynic in me says this;
    "If this is God's punishment for sin, then I say during the next attack, let those people, (who obviously are without sin and can judge you.) taken outside. The zombies will, according to their theories, not touch them and they will be unharmed."
    Bleh, this kind of nonsense makes my skin crawl. If it is the end of days, then they and us, missed the big Holy train to heaven, putting us ALL into the same category.

    Good luck to you all and I hope this works out to everyone's benefit.