Monday, May 10, 2010


Now I know what George W. Bush felt like.

I am out of the house right now. I have been taking shit from people for the last day and a half about this call I made to punish the folks that caused the death of a little girl. I need a day off, and this is pretty much the first one I have gotten since the fucking world ended. Jess and I are doing something I have always wanted to do: We're sitting on top of the Frankfort water tower. Well, not on the top, but on the walkway that goes around it. I am typing on my laptop, using my iPhone as a modem. Funny that it took the zombie apocalypse to happen for me to lose enough fear of Apple to jailbreak my phone so I can move about and write easier.

Jess is sitting beside me, picking off zombies. They are all over the place over here near McDonald's and Franklin square. You sort of have to wonder if George Romero was right when he made all those Living Dead movies. Do they go to places that people used to gather out of some primordial memory of being social? The logical extension of that is, of course, that since they pretty much do nothing but try to eat people, they would want to gather at a fast food place. Go figure. The world falls to shit, people turn into flesh eating corpses, and McDonald's is still doing business.

I am trying not to think about what is going on back at the compound right now. There is already talk about a vote against me, to remove me from leadership. People saying that I have abused power, all that jazz. Well, they might be right, I don't know. I think I have done all that I can to keep people safe and alive. After all, I was the one who saw this shitstorm coming, and it was me and my friends and family that secured the place YOU ALL FUCKING LIVE IN.

So if you want to vote me out, go ahead. And a big fuck you, by the way. I get all kinds of hate and bullshit from people for decisions I have made, but not one goddamn thank you. It's so frustrating that I almost wish I had just let in people that I knew, people I trusted.

You know what? I am so pissed right now that I really don't think that it is wise for me to keep writing. I am going to climb down from here, take out some weapons, and go cut the heads off of a bunch of dead people. I need to let out some aggression, and better them than the next jackass that comes up to me with snarky comments.

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  1. Zombies. Nature's answer for anger management.
    Good luck and we still have plenty of space if you want the directions.
    We could use more people that are good shots and not afraid to take a stand in what they believe.

    (Sorry, nothing wittier than that today, still in the thrall of pain killers because of my leg wound)