Friday, May 7, 2010


I realized today that you can't tell until the bottom of a given post who wrote it, so, this one is from Courtney.

Kind of busy right now, just wanted to acknowledge some of the comments from Ghostrider2k, who claims not to be a "great thinker or philosopher," yet somehow has managed to work out what a surprising number of our own people couldn't.

"...intolerance should be left at the door, not to darken our doorways. If we cannot have a 'Live and let Live' attitude among the people we depend on everyday, we are all going to dead and soon."

There we go. Simple and to the point. Not to go all pop-culture (or is it post-culture now?) but the "LOST" mantra of "Live Together, Die Alone" seems incredibly pertinent to our present zombie apocalypse scenario.

"Bleh, this kind of nonsense makes my skin crawl."

You and me both, friend.

"If it is the end of days, then they and us, missed the big Holy train to heaven, putting us ALL into the same category."

This thought has crossed my mind more than once, believe me. Maybe it was a fear of that exact scenario that motivated the group now in custody. Maybe they thought they could buy their way into heaven with their condemnation of the sinners around them. Who knows? I hope at least a few will open up and share what on earth their motivations could have been.

Thank you for your words of support, Ghostrider; they are timely and incredibly appreciated. It is impossible to describe the mood here at the compound with complete accuracy. People are shuffling around, blank expressions on their faces, looking less animate than the zombies we pick off from time to time. The unnatural horror of the hungry dead seems to pale in comparison to our overwhelming sense of failure and loss. Perhaps this sorrow will bring us closer together? I pray for some silver lining to this terrible affair.

Anyway, as deep as our grief is, we are still on guard, we are not shirking in our duties. What I want to stress here before I sign off is that life goes on, and if you're a reader holed up somewhere and running out of food or something of that nature, please don't hold off on contacting us out of respect for our time of mourning or what have you. We do need to get our house in order, but not at the cost of more lives.


  1. Thank you Courtney, I feel my head expanding at the compliments.
    (BTW Ghostrider2k is my call sign, you can call me George)
    Naw, I am not that smart, I am just a simple farm boy, I just tell it like it is.
    (I have lost a LOT of jobs that way)
    Maybe I figure what is common sense just isn't or maybe never has been. I sure hope you guys can come to a satisfactory conclusion to this dilemma, that allows Josh some sleep and everyone else some peace.
    (Well as much peace as we can get anymore.)
    I personally would hike them outside the safety of your perimeter and turn them loose. No weapons, no supplies, kind of how they were when they got there. I know it is a security risk, but I think the Z's may help you out in this.
    *But* that is my opinion, I have been called a heartless bastard before now. And I have had a REALLY bad day. Good Luck and Good shooting.

  2. All right then, George. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'd shake your hand if we were face to face, but such pleasantries will have to wait for another time.