Thursday, June 10, 2010

Breaking Earth

Lunch break, and no zombies in sight. Apparently the walking dead got the idea a few weeks ago that not too many people were around here, likely because of the lack of smells. Got to love the industrial park being filled with all manner of chemicals, makes for a nice if unintentional zombie repellent.

So we got to work on turning as much of the area as possible into farmland...and it's going a lot faster than I would have thought. See, here there are a ton more people to do the work, and no need to mount heavy guards. So almost all of the adults have been helping us out.

Jack has been working on this for a while now, but only the preparation. He has had people going out in groups to gather heavy equipment, hauling in many loads of dirt and fertilizer, but there just weren't enough seeds and plants, especially foodstuffs that had already started sending up shoots.

We have a lot of parking lot to tear up, but we will make fast work of it. The hard part is getting it broken up into chunks, but once that's done we just send in the backhoes and pile it up. Sort of makes a nice wall, and I've seen some people walking it, keeping an eye peeled outside.

So we figure two or three days of this, and the first parking lot, which is huge, will be bare soil again. They have some equipment that we can modify to help dig furrows, so it won't actually take that long to get going. The trick is to find some source of more plants and whatnot within a reasonable distance. I mean, we brought everything we could spare from the compound, and everything we could find about town, but these folks will need a lot more.

One good thing, though, is that there are a lot of seed potatoes here. As in, literally about a ton. Ask the Irish, if you find any alive, how that worked out. Hopefully another potato famine won't hit, because they are stupidly easy to cultivate, and they grow most of the year. I think that they will be the staple food here.

After watching these people work and solve problems, I begin to wonder why they hadn't already started this project. I mean, it's not like they needed us to do it, though we are bringing many things that they can seed off and breed new plants from. I wonder if it could be something as simple as not wanting to screw it up? It's a small mystery, and one that I am not too worried about, but it's like a loose tooth I keep running my tongue over.

Meh, screw it. I'm just being stupid. After all, they were planning on breaking up the parking lots and roads, they had all the gear to do it. Now, we just have to hope that all this human activity doesn't bring a swarm of zombies down on us while we work.

Back to it, and I hope to be back to all of you at the compound soon.

I miss you, Jess. And I love you.

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